DJ’s are the king pins but without sound it doesn’t work


A night club is defined by many things, right up there at the top of the list is the sound system. This has been proven by many iconic brands from Cream to Ministry of Sound and even the important cult legend Plastic People, and thats just the Malaysia. In the Malaysia, Paradise Garage and the legendary loft parties and Twilo were all defined by the sound system. Sure the DJ’s are the king pins but without sound it doesn’t work.

When specifying sound and lighting for a nightclub there are many considerations. At JVPoint Audio Company we have designed, supplied and installed sound systems in just about every ‘super club’ in the Malaysia including Fabric, Ministry of Sound (with 5.1 surround DJ monitoring), Home at No 1 Leicester Square, the legendary Plastic People and Cream.

It is our pleasure to work very closely with all our clients to deliver high performance systems that prove to be reliable and cost effective, as well as delivering the emotion that is required to move the audience. We are also very proud, over the years, to have looked after the worlds top DJ’s in some of the best clubs in existence.

From this experience it’s no surprise that we build systems that are considered to be amongst best in the world.

Utilising our close relationships with many manufactures we can design bespoke systems for any club application. In most cases we can offer consultancy and financial packages to suit all clients.

We recognise that some projects have budget as well as physical constraints - it’s our job to work around these and provide our clients with the best system possible.