PA/VA Systems

They are not only for entertainment - systems are needed in just about all public spaces for safety.


From the biggest stadiums to the most prestigious government projects, JVPoint Audio personnel have delivered at the highest level.

Conventional PA systems don’t provide the infrastructure, redundancy or the compliance required to meet modern safety standards for stadiums, mass transit areas, tunnels and even confined working spaces.

So, whilst some of our key members of staff have been steeped in touring and entertainment, others spent time in university writing dissertations on large format PA/VA systems, and we’ve put them to work on many projects.

Our personnel have contributed to many aspects of live safety systems across the capital, including road tunnels, stadia, and large entertainment complexes.

It’s safe to say our experience is vast in this field. Our knowledge and expertise in all areas of sound design, from electro acoustic design, equipment specifications, acoustic modelling, networking, redundancy, software and hardware integration all the way to technical access and high level emergency rescue, makes us the ideal choice for anything from installing an entire theme park or stadium, to trouble shooting a faulty audio network in a tunnel.